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X52PROFINET - xixihaha - November-13th-2021

Hello, I'm using netx_ 52  and PROFINET function .But I have a big problem:When I have many modules and sub modules  to configure  PROFINET. The transmitted bytes exceed 1556, excluding the protocol header。Then I began to fragmented  transmission according to X52 rules。but I can't get a reply from X52。Because the error is displayed here:
lRet = Pkt_ReceivePacket(ptAppData->hChannel[0],&ptAppData->tPkt,0);
if(!DEV_WaitForBitState(ptChannel, ptChannel->tRecvMbx.bRecvACKBitoffset, RCX_FLAGS_NOT_EQUAL, ulTimeout))
I don't know why. I look forward to your help. Thank you.

RE: X52PROFINET - Armin@netPI - November-14th-2021

Hi Xixi,

I am sorry to say that this forum is not supporting netX chips questions. In here we are supporting products only.

Instead please drop your problem on our web side on https://www.hilscher.com/support/contact/?autoLang=false. Then you are getting part of our ticket based support system and help.