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Analog Inputs? - MikeP - November-8th-2021

What is the recommended way to get analog inputs into the NetPi?  I need perhaps 4 inputs for a small monitoring project.

RE: Analog Inputs? - Armin@netPI - November-8th-2021

Was planned 2 years ago but was canceled as project since the demand was too low.

RE: Analog Inputs? - MikeP - November-8th-2021

Thanks for the fast reply.

I understand that there may be no option card for direct input to the NetPi. But is there some other way to make data available to the NetPi for transmission to a cloud? Using IO-Link or SensorEdge or some other method? Willing to expend some DIY effort if there is a reasonable path.

One path might be via custom NPIX card but I was hoping for less effort than that...

Thanks for your consideration and any suggestions you may have as to the approach.

RE: Analog Inputs? - Armin@netPI - November-8th-2021

Connecting the coming product "sensorEDGE FIELD" to netPI over Ethernet is no problem and a thing of some minutes. sensorEDGE FIELD embeds an MQTT broker. So netPI could connect to it using an MQTT Client and gather the IO-Link data from sensorEDGE FIELD. Afterwards it can compute the datain his own local context or send it to an assigned cloud.

But since "sensorEDGE FIELD" is a powerful Edge Gateway - with 50% higher CPU power than netPI - why to use a netPI at all? sensorEDGE FIELD can be extended by own containers/software ... for example a Node-RED running inside sensorEDGE FIELD additionally. And Node-RED has immediata support for any public clouds.