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We are short on netPI RTE 3 - new gateway is coming - Armin@netPI - August-11th-2021

Chip shortages are in everybodies mouth these days. Even cars cannot be produced any more cause embedded chips/controllers are out of stock.

So as with netPI. Maybe one or the other has already heard it from press releases but company Broadcom as the Raspberry PI CPUs chip manufacturer does not deliver Raspberry Pi 3 CPUs till estimated Q2/2022. This is really challenging us and especially you as our customers.

netPIs are getting out of stock and we feel really sorry about to say that until we do not get better news on the latest CPU delivery time information - communicated to us just 4 weeks ago recently - we are held to communicate to you Q2/2022 as the official time the next batch of netPIs are produced. 

Nevertheless for repair cases we have still spare units in stock and reserved for such cases. 

Here are some related news you find on the web about the current chip situations worldwide:


RE: We are short on netPIs - out of stock level reached - Armin@netPI - September-8th-2021

Outlook informations:

I want to add the following information to this post.

The question that is bothering: How to bridge the long delivery times? And maybe we have the answer for you right now.

Here is the news: We are actively working on expanding our gateway product portfolio. Another edge gateway device similar to the gateways netPI/netFIELD Connect is in the pipeline. The new gateway makes us independent of delivery times of Broadcom CPUs or Raspberry Pi compute modules. It has a guaranteed delivery time of 15 years.

The gateway is ARM processor based, so existing containers can be reused (here you see the real advantage of using Docker technology and the container independency)

It will have 2GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC, 1x Gbit Ethernet, 1x 100Mbit Ethernet, USB 2.0 ports. The OS provided will be netFIELD OS known from our gateway netFIELD Connect already. It is running 50% faster than our current Raspberry Pi 3 based devices. And of course it supports Docker.

Samples of the new gateway will be available in Feburary 2022. The official release of the gateway will be April 2022.