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netPI RTE + remote access + IO data access on ethernet/ip - MGharat - December-24th-2020


we have one customer application requirement as attached.

1] remote upload/download of AB PLC program

2] EThernet/IP IO data communication & display on dashboard

3] Storing /logging of Ethernet/IP IO data in SQL database at differnt time interval

will netPI RTE can work for this requirement? prepared architecture as attached. 

we tried testing , but get error because LAN container & node-red ethernet/ip communication not working at the same time. If we remove LAN container then we can do remote access  over eth0 port & Ethnernet/IP IO communication over cifx0 port but can we use single port only cifx0 for both these applications i.e remote access & Ethernet/IP communication.



RE: netPI RTE + remote access + IO data access on ethernet/ip - Armin@netPI - December-24th-2020

Hello Madhumati,

this customer setup cannot be supported by netPI. netPI is a Docker only device. This means on one hand you can load multiple container applications in parallel at a time but on the other hand they all run independently from each other. So as with the containers Node-RED and cifX0 Ethernet LAN.

Each of the two containers does not know of the existence of the other and both want to access the netX chip and load it with its respective netX firmware. Node-RED container loads EtherNet/IP but LAN container loads TCP/IP firmware. But there can only one firmware active at a time in netX. So there is a conflict.

The "Connect" gateway (don't mix it with "netFIELD Connect") whereas works different to netPI. It is not a Docker only device. It has additionally Node-RED and also cifX0 driver preloaded natively in the OS. Because of this constellation both Node-RED and cifx0 know from each other because they are not containerized. This mean the "Connect" gateway can be EtherNet/IP device and cifX0 the same time. If you now load the Tosibox container additionally to this device you get exactly what your customer is demanding. Connect gateway can be EtherNet/IP device at the same time to cifX0 and also featuring Tosibox.