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UL certificate - MGharat - November-19th-2020

Hello Armin,

Is the attached report is correct UL Certificate ? can I share this complete report with our customer?

Thanks & BR

RE: UL certificate - Armin@netPI - November-19th-2020

The very official way to get the underwriters laboratories certificate is to create a personal account under https://my.ul.com/ and enter the file number E221530 and download it from there. 

But I have already uploaded all the documents in this thread https://forum.hilscher.com/thread-477.html a while ago.

Since in your appendix of your post the complete test procedure was described I have deleted your appendix. For customers it is enough to have just the summary paper which is one page only as stated already in my thread.

RE: UL certificate - MGharat - November-19th-2020

Thanks Armin