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USB camera - tad - October-9th-2020

Dear Armin,

Is there any condition to use a USB camera under standard netPI software environment (Yocto Linux + Docker)?
For example, can I use a UVC compatible camera (from Node-RED)?

(I would like to know what kind of USB camera I should purchase.)

Thank you very much for your information.
Best regards,

RE: USB camera - Armin@netPI - October-9th-2020

Well I tested a USB camera 4 years ago but only while using hilschernetpi-desktop-hdmi container and I was able to see the instant web cam picture on the desktop output screen on HDMI Port of NetPI. So like you do it at home with a normal PC of like you are watching videos on youtube.
But how will you get a camera running in node-red? Node red is a web browser application that you open in a remote web browser. I have never heard about any node-red camera application or node. Pretty sure this will not work. But this is my personal opinion.

RE: USB camera - tad - October-12th-2020

Dear Armin,

Using Node-RED, there are applications such as uploading a camera image per minute to a cloud service or displaying a fixed point camera image on Dashboard.
But I am not concerned with Node-RED only.
Recently, I am receiving questions regarding USB cameras compatible to netPI from colleagues.
I am afraid all types of USB camera cannot be used with netPI due to pre-installed device drivers in netPI for camera.

Therefore, I would like to know what type of camera can be used with netPI at least.
For example, it is helpful for me "a UVC compatible camera can be recognized with netPI".

Thank you very much for your information.
Best regards,

RE: USB camera - Armin@netPI - October-12th-2020

Well in the year 2016 when I made my tests I bought the cheapest camera available on amazon web shop.

I went back to my orders and found the camera that I was using 2016 for my tests.

It was this one The camer is black/orange ... it is a very cheap china product. I am finding it today brandlabeled from many many other suppliers. My camera from 2016 just has a resolution of 480p ... meanwhile the same camera goes up to 1080p.

If I look into the specification I cannot find which type of camera it is . Since this time I have not use a camera any more and did no more tests. The only thing I know is that it worked well and this was the reason enough for me in year 2016 to examine no more other cameras.

RE: USB camera - tad - October-15th-2020

Dear Armin,

Thank you very much for your kind feedback.

Best regards,