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netPI profinet device name - WalterSchaefer - October-7th-2020

I try to connect NHST-T100-EN/PNM V3 with NIOT-E-NPI3-51-EN-RE over profinet.

On the NIOT I've installed netpi-netx-programming-examples container.
There a /home/pi/PNS_simpleConfig was started (with sudo). At the first start all necessary drivers were installed. Now the application works well (as I understand). Every second it shows a string: "netX watchdog is alive: nnnn"

NHST device was not able to communicate with it.
I plugged NIOT Profinet port to PC and made a scan with "Ethernet device setup" tool. As expected, IP was And device name was empty.
When I set up device name to "netx51repns" manually by this tool, all errors gone. Now everything looks good.
But now I wonder why device name was not setup. I use your pre-built exmaple "PNS_Simpleconfig". I did not compile it by myself, just run binary.

At the othe hand, I did some debug an found, that device name is set up correctly in SetConfigParams function:

memcpy( ptSetConfig->abNameOfStation, "netx51repns", sizeof( "netx51repns" ) );

I've set a breakpoint to this line and device reached it.
Do you have ideas how to make example working without manual device name setup?
Thank you.

RE: netPI profinet device name - Armin@netPI - October-7th-2020

Something went wrong in your post. You should correct it to get it to a better readable state.

First of all I never tried to set the device name from the application side myself. It might be that it is not possible at all to set it. It is possible that the configuration structure "abNameOfStation" for the name is just there cause of compatibility reasons with older firmware version.

Today I can tell you that the PROFINET standard prescribes that a fresh PROFINET is not allowed any more to have a default name. The reason is quite easy to understand. If you connect mutliple devices to a PROFINET network at the same time and they all have the same name then the PROFINET controller has no chance to indentify the different devices. This is why the PROFINET standard defines to have an extra separate PROFINET networking tool that configures all the devices having by default no name and the IP address of manually with.

I will check out if it is possible to change the name from application side or if it is no longer supported cause of the PROFINET standard.


RE: netPI profinet device name - WalterSchaefer - October-7th-2020

Thank you Armin!
There is no need to check from application. If this is outside of specification, I don`t want this feature.
Now everything is clear for me, 
thanx again.