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netPI for 4G/LTE - tad - April-23rd-2020

Dear Armin,

I read a news "netPI-WAN brings 4G/LTE support" (https://forum.hilscher.com/Thread-netPI-WAN-brings-4G-LTE-support).

In this thread, the module for 4G/LTE will be release at 2019/Q2 as follows.
>the release for this module is scheduled for end of 2nd quarter 2019.

I would appreciate it if you would inform me current status on the module.

Thank you very much for your information.
Best regards,

RE: netPI for 4G/LTE - Armin@netPI - April-23rd-2020

Well Ted,

often the demand of a product decides if it comes to the market or not.

The current status is that the development of this product is finished but we decided not to go the market with it cause the worldwide demand was too low.

The thing is about the certification. If a modem is pre-installed in a device and we sell it as a single product including the modem from the certification point of view it is a new product and it needs a certification even if the modem itself is already certified. Usually this is about $30.000 for all the EMC tests and wireless tests. But then you have a test made with a modem that only operates in Europe for example. For all other countries like US, Japan, Korea, China you need different type of modem and then of couse another certification. This is a very high initial cost for a product that can be sold worldwide then but somehow this needs to pay off.

But there is a trick. If we sell netPI WAN without modem with open housing and the end customer installs a certified modem by himself (in the mPCIe slot) and close the housing and then operate it, then this is legal cause netPI for itself is certified and the modem for itself is too. It is like you buy a notebook with mPCIe slot and you insert to it a Wifi module or an LTE modem yourself.

But still there is no progress on this product.Two weeks ago the product got a new drive since a customer wants it in numbers. So maybe we get a product in a second attempt, but I do not promise anything.

Sorry  for not having better news


RE: netPI for 4G/LTE - tad - April-27th-2020

Dear Armin,

Thank you very much for your quick and kind explanation.
I understood current situation.

Best regards,