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netPI for Cloud -based Maintenance Management Solution - SAhire@hilscher.local - March-30th-2020


MaintWiz is a global provider of Cloud-based Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS). 

For one of our clients, the requirement is
Data acquisition required from Energy meters, Temperature, Humidity sensors and sent to the cloud.
These devices have ethernet ports.There are around 80 devices in different cities
Does Netpi suite this application?  How many input devices I can connect to one device?


RE: netPI for Cloud -based Maintenance Management Solution - Armin@netPI - March-30th-2020


the information you are giving is too less to answer this question. Please specify more in details the requirements. Just telling "devices have ethernet ports" is too less information. Which software shall be used on netPI? Who is developing this software? Do you want to use open source software? If the devices are spread around different cities, how are these different locations connected? Do they have internet connectivity? Do they have mobile connectivity? Is it netPI CORE or RTE you want to use?

So how shall I know answers on all these questions myself? For giving back an adequate response more details are needed.