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connec Mitsubishi using Modbus/TCP or SLMP - COswald - January-8th-2020

Hello out there,

has anybody connect a PLC using the Modbus/TCP-protocol, or SLMP. 

My first throw was to use a additional RS485 port and Modbus-RTU. But in several cases this is not the best way. So I want to have the possibility to connect via Ethernet. 

Regarding the products: NIOT-E-NPI3-EN, NIOT-E-TPI51-EN-RE
Can I use one the Fieldbus-Ethernet-Ports for connecting the PLC via Modbus/TCP? Therefore, this port must be connectable to the Pi inside.
At least one other port must be connected to the Pi to show the OPC/UA-Server to the IT-Infrastructure.

To give you a overview to my request, I have made a small chart. 

Looking forward useful comments.


RE: connec Mitsubishi using Modbus/TCP or SLMP - Armin@netPI - January-8th-2020

Hello Carsten,

configuring netPI Fieldbus Ethernet Interface as standard TCP/IP interface is done in some minutes.

Just load the container "hilschernetpi/netpi-netx-ethernet-lan" on your netPI and configure it in "Host" mode and then you have next to the LAN interface "eth0" another LAN interface "cifX0".

Then you can use the netPI Control Panel to set up IP address or DHCP for "cifX0" first of all.

From now every container you deploy afterwards has two independent LAN interface. One interface you can use then for configuration, and the other for Modbus TCP communication to your Mitsubishi PLC.

Since the "cifx0" interface is not as fast as the "eth0" interface I would connect the Mitsubishi PLC to "eth0" and configure netPI through "cifx0" since no permanent LAN connection and high traffic rate is needed here.