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C Compiler - milesie - November-28th-2019

I want to test the netHAT.
Can you recommend a compiler to use for the example C in the manual?
The programs I have used before are written in Python, do you have that example also in Python instead of C?

RE: C Compiler - Armin@netPI - November-28th-2019

Hello milesie,

programming a hardware close program such as needed for netHAT cannot be provided as a python script or similar. All the firmwares for netHAT or any other netX based deivce are developed here in language "c" and this is why we provide to the users the very same header files as we use them internally for our own developments.

With the compiler is very easy what we can recommend: it is the freeware GNU compiler.

On a Raspbian OS it can be installed using the command "apt install build-essential". This is all you need.

And the just call "makefile" in the example folder of the netHAT DVD provided here in the download section https://www.netiot.com/interface/nethat/ and copied over via ssh and console onto your Raspberry. After compilation start the example with "./cifxlinuxsample"