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Central CODESYS PLC management from all over the world - Armin@netPI - October-15th-2019

CODESYS V3.5.8.0 or higher features an Internet Automation Server enabling remote management of any CODESYS SoftPLC from all over the world.
The server can be used additionally with any project that has been created already.

Here are the steps to use the Automation Server with netPI. (CODESYS Control and CODESYS Edge Gateway needs to be running on netPI already)

1. Apply for your personal Internet Automation Server address (Hostname) in the CODESYS Store first. The store returns you a Server URL after it was sucessfully created. Remind it for later use.

2. Create the server administrator user account using a link to a setup page received through an email

3. Open your CODESYS Development System and install the additional package Automation Server Connector. Restart CDS.

4. Open your existing project to want to upload to the server. Use the new top menu function Automation Server / Connect Project to Server ... . Enter the Server URL received in step 1, click ok and your project will be uploaded to the server. Enter the administrator credentials when asked.

5. Make netPI known on the Automation Server as well. Use Automation Server / Connect Edge Gateway ... . Enter the Server URL received in step 1, the gateway address (or IP address and port) of your netPI and click ok.

6. Visit the Server URL and login with the admin credentials. Under PLCs / List View your netPI Edge gateway / CODESYS runtime will be offered for a Detail view. Under Applications / CODESYS Projects your uploaded CODESYS project (offline set) will be offered. The tap Applications / Applications will show you the currently running projects and their status.

7. Using the tap Applications / Applications / Details / Update all allows you to install specific uploaded CODESYS projects to your netPI