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Codesys - MGharat - September-19th-2019


I m trying with edge gateway Connect for image "

Container running successfuly.

I am using Codesys version .Then I upgraded to Codesys control rasoberry PI package & tryinng to start runtime , but when I cllick on " install "it shows me error ; as No connection could be made to target.
I have connected to fixed IP to Connect

attached errror screenshot


RE: Codesys - Armin@netPI - September-19th-2019


in your screen shot from 12:57 PM we see the Windows network connection logo in the lower right corner stating you have a network problem and Windows is not connected to LAN.
In your screen shot from 1:02 PM the Windows network connection logo shows a good LAN connection.

Please check you network connection.


RE: Codesys - MGharat - October-9th-2019

Hello Armin,

I am still stucked up for Codesys .
See below error I get when I try to install package. I m using netIOT Connect Gateway with V1.1.2.1...
.?Or is thhere any Codesys license issue , I attached screenshot for same
FYI I have connected the gatway eth0 port in my DHCP nw for access.

I just observed that I am not able to connect over Putty also aftre some time..it shows " network error" as attached, but I can ping gateway
If I resatrt Codesys docker container , then again i can access gateway over Putty

Please help
Thanks & BR

RE: Codesys - Armin@netPI - October-9th-2019

Hello Madhumati,

in this forum we talk about issue of netPI only. The netIOT Connect Gateway is not covered here.

Basically I would agree that a Docker image made for netPI should work on netIOT Connect Gateway too, but I cannot confirm it by 100%.

Based on your screen shot I see that CODESYS Windows development system does not get contact to the container via port 22. Are you sure you setup you container right in mode host network mode? Also make sure there is no other container running the same time blocking this port 22 already. If so then CODESYS container cannot run at the same time!!!.

RE: Codesys 3.5.15 - MGharat - October-31st-2019

Dear Armin,

I am now using netPI Core V1.2.0.0 for testing codesys V3.5.15. But I face same issue as below attached. I am still not able to run codesys

Any hint you can give refering the attachment error?

Thanks & BR

RE: Codesys - Armin@netPI - October-31st-2019

With Codesys V3.5.15.x you need to install also separate software called "Edge Gateway" next to "CODESYS Runtime". Only if you install "Edge Gateway SW" additionally into netPI the CoDeSys runtime 3.5.15.x can talk to Windows Codesys Development System. The Edge Gateway is a new function introduced with version 3.5.15.x of Codesys. With version V3.5.14.x it was not needed, but now. You get the "Edge Gateway" runtime from the CODESYS store.