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AnyDesk remote desktop (over the internet) - Armin@netPI - September-15th-2019

Wanna control a netPI desktop from remote over the internet?

No problem since the latest release of netPI's Desktop container featuring AnyDesk.

All you need to do is to install AnyDesk on your remote machine, enter the ID shown on netPI's desktop and the screen is right there.

For private and non-commercial use AnyDesk is for free. With a license for just 16,99€/month (september 2019) you can logon to an unlimited number of devices.

Products like TeamViewer in comparison would cost you 57,90€/month (september 2019) for the very same offer while REALVNC is about 36€/year (september 2019) for a single device.

Regading prices and license models pls visit the 3rd parties'  websites in any case.