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EIP Node Red configurator - mnieuzyla - September-6th-2019


I'm trying to test a Ethernet IP communication with netPI on NodeRED.
I managed to deploy NodeRed on docker (it needed upgrade, so I have firmware version V1.2.0.0). However, when I try to configure the Fieldbus node, I can choose the EIP adapter, but I cannot enter the configurator. Web browser is trying to open new tab (https://DeviceIP:9000/webConfigurator/fieldbus?Config_Filename=Hil~cifX0~Ch_2~CC_5~PC_10.json) and then halts with ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED (chrome).

Is there something missing in the nodeRED package?NIOT-E-NPI3-51-EN-RE | V1.2.0.0

RE: EIP Node Red configurator - Armin@netPI - September-6th-2019


can't confirm.

See my screen shot under chrome. Just did a quick check a minute ago. Using V1.2.0.0 as well.


Are you sure that you entered all the parameters as given in dem container's readme text, especially to set the environment variable FIELD?


RE: EIP Node Red configurator - Armin@netPI - September-6th-2019

I watched your link you sent ...

It is https .... whereas our fieldbus container is not requiring https but http.

I am wondering why a https is requested as link by the container. My link is


RE: EIP Node Red configurator - mnieuzyla - September-9th-2019

Hi Armin,

Indeed, deleting the "s" helped - now I managed to get some signals from the PLC. As I can see, there are fieldbus slaves implemented - are there any plans for the master/scanner functionality?

Thanks for the help,

RE: EIP Node Red configurator - Armin@netPI - September-10th-2019

Hello Mike,

since netPI includes a netX51 chip that is a slave chip only, netPI RTE 3 can only support slave functionality.

But since CODESYS soft PLC includes PROFINET Master, EtherCAT Master and EtherNet/IP Scanner for 50,-EUR over port eth0 it makes no sense for Hilscher to offer a master too.

You can try CODESYS yourself with another Docker container https://hub.docker.com/r/hilschernetpi/netpi-codesys-basis/. Without a license it runs 2 hours and then stops.

We have youtube video as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXIHu3-4-eg