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Using netHAT in industrial environment - Simon@netHAT - August-21st-2018

we are developing a device for industrial usage based on Raspberry PI CM3 module.
We need to incorporate an Ethernet/IP or Profinet module for communicating with PLC.
May we use the NXHAT52-RTE module in production?

RE: Welcome to the netHAT Forum! - Armin@netPI - September-4th-2019

Hello Iker,

the netHAT module will not pass all EMC tests needed for industrial use. E.g. ESD standard IEC 61000-4-2 e.g and hence is not allowed to be integrated in an industrial suited environment for professional use.

If you want to make your own design with Real-Time Ethernet capability using netX technology I recommend a design with our chip carrier modules called netRAPID: https://www.hilscher.com/products/product-groups/embedded-modules/netx-chip-carrier/nrp-51-repns/?techCats=35&autoLang=false&cHash=89f9da42d539899b08260cfcb88b969d

Is your design a very special design? Or can the product netPI https://www.netiot.com/netpi/industrial-raspberry-pi-3/ not beeing used by you? It is a RPI3 + netX51 design ready to use.


RE: Welcome to the netHAT Forum! - iker - September-4th-2019

The netRAPID is also a good option for us. 
For evaluation porpouse, is the same to use the NXHAT52-RTE or the Evaluation board NRPEB 52-RE?
Does the drivers and firmwares for NXHAT52-RTE also works for NRPEB 52-RE?

RE: Welcome to the netHAT Forum! - Armin@netPI - September-4th-2019


you quote NRP 52, I highlighted NRP 51 in my post before. If it is finally a NRP 52-RE or a NRP 51-RE or if it is maybe also a COMX 51CA-RE: https://www.hilscher.com/products/product-groups/embedded-modules/communication-module/comx-51ca-repns/?autoLang=false&cHash=c2b5a7085236c04fa75f4c1e52ab2103 cannot be handled in this forum.

This need a more in-deep evaluation of your use case you have in mind and is also a question about the number of pieces you need. There is a break even point between using a netRAPID technology in terms of costs and pcs and the usage of COMX technology.

This can only be evaluated if you get in touch with your local representative and hilscher sales channel concerning these three product.

Basically the firmware of NRP 52 (NRP 51 anyway) is different to netHAT 52 module. Neither one or the other firmware will run in either or the modules. But what is 100% identical is the serial port memory driven over SPI. So if you connect your Raspberry CM3 to the NRPEB 52-RE module over the respective SPI signals this will work and also the Linux driver will work with it. But what you need to get netRAPID operative is the corresponding netRAPID firmware instead of netHAT firmware.

... by the way I will shift this thread to "netHAT Hardware". It has nothing to do with "Topic News" where it is currently located at.

RE: Using netHAT in industrial environment - iker - September-4th-2019

I quote NRP 52 becouse i would like to use same netRapid chip carrier for both Ethernet/IP and Profinet just only changing the firmware.

A few days ago I bought the NXHAT52-RTE, so it would be a valid tool for evaluating porpouses? I mean, altought different firmware required for NXHAT and NRPEB, but same linux driver, the demo example will run?


RE: Using netHAT in industrial environment - Armin@netPI - September-4th-2019

Hi Iker,

yes NRP 52 as well as NRP 51 as well as COMX 51 can all run EtherNet/IP and PROFINET by just changing the firmware.It is the main feature of our netX controller to be software loadable.  So in the end it doesn't matter which of these three modules you are using. They all three are a good choice depending on your use case and sales numbers.

The NXHAT 52-RTE Linux programming example will run with all these three modules the same since all three modules have an SPI interface and the same serial port memory layout and API. But if you analyse the software DVD image provided for netHAT (https://www.netiot.com/fileadmin/big_data/en-US/Resources/zip/netHAT_DVD_2016-08-1_V1_0_0_1.zip) then see this package includes a folder named "firmware" with three firmware installation packages in it. These three firmwares are made for netHAT only. They will not work with NRP 52, NRP 51 and COMX51.

So you need for NRP 52, NRP 51 or for COMX 51 another firmware for EtherNet/IP or PROFINET definitively. For NRP 52 you will find the evaluation firmware on the DVD provided here https://www.hilscher.com/de/produkte/produktgruppen/embedded-module/netx-chip-carrier/nrp-52-repns/? in the download section. Evaluation firmwares run 1 hour only and then they will stop to work. There a different business modules with the netRAPID and COMX. For example if you want to use NRP 52 under professional condition without 1 hour limitation then you need to buy the license for PROFINET and a license for EtherNet/IP firmware. 

But please discuss this with Hilscher sales team and not across the forum.


RE: Using netHAT in industrial environment - iker - September-5th-2019

I understand, thank so much

RE: Using netHAT in industrial environment - iker - September-6th-2019

Sorry again,
I was thinking about your last post...what about using NXHAT 52-RTE Linux programming example and driver with NRPEB 52-RE and its corresponding firmware (R07ZH000.nxf, R07ZD000.nxf,...Wwe could create a .deb packet with the firmware for installation) ??
And how we could configure this firmware for working as a transparent 32-IN/32-OUT as firmware in NXHAT?

RE: Using netHAT in industrial environment - Armin@netPI - September-6th-2019


building a deb package is not necessary at all.

So install the netHAT deb package on your system as usual. It will install data into folder \opt\cifx\deviceconfig\FW\channel0\. This folder will include also a *.nxf file made for netHAT.

So in case of using NRPEB 52-RE instead, replace the given netHAT *.nxf file with your NRP firmware.

The folder \opt\cifx\deviceconfig\FW\channel0\ will also include a "config.nxd" file. This file configures 32-IN/32-OUT to netHAT or netRAPID and this database file is loaded by the driver automatically into the unit after the firmware has been loaded.

That's all.


RE: Using netHAT in industrial environment - iker - September-10th-2019

the file "config.nxd" is a binary file, so in order to change for example from 32IN/32OUT to a 64IN/64OUT configurtion, how could I do it?