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Exporting and importing container images - Armin@netPI - August-23rd-2019

Sometimes it is necessary to move a ready evolved container from one netPI to another or to save its current state to an external location.

For this purpose the netPI Docker web GUI features the export and import function.

Here are the steps how to proceed

  1. Supposing you have a running container then click it in the Containers overview page and click Stop first of all to block its SD memory card activities.
  2. In the same window you have the option to create an image of exactly this container. Type in an Image name and press Create. This may take a while.
  3. On the Images overview page you can now recognize a new image named as provided representing a 1:1 copy of your container.
  4. Click its image id and you'll get the option Export this image. Click it and after some minutes (be patient) you'll get a file image.tar as output within your browser context. Save it to anywhere you want.
  5. The way back is to use the Import function within the Images overview page to load it back onto any device.
Make sure you have the netPI system software V1.2.0.0 running since this version uses a prolonged timeout value for the browser connection to successfully bridge the long response time of the image creating function.