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Reboot NetPI - a.w.d.m. - July-16th-2019

I'm currently following this FAQ in order to update NetPIs frimware. It says I have to reboot it. How do I do that? Is it save to just pull the plug and put it back in again or do I have to do something else?

RE: Reboot NetPI - Patrick@netPI - July-16th-2019


In the FAQ (link above) the term "repower cycle" is used, not "reboot".
All you have to do is disconnect the power supply and reconnect it after 5 seconds.

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RE: Reboot NetPI - Patrick@netPI - July-16th-2019


Here you find the documentation for all netPIs as PDF file: https://www.netiot.com/netpi/industrial-raspberry-pi-3/

RE: Reboot NetPI - a.w.d.m. - July-16th-2019