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[SOLVED] netPI stops working (502 - Bad Gateway) - Andi - June-12th-2019

Hey everyone,

I was facing the problem many times now, that my netPis stoped working. When I tried to reach the edge-gateway-manager than, the Error "502 - Bad Gateway" was shown. I've been using software version 1.1.4/1.1.5/1.1.6

It happened to me, when I ran a mariadb-database-server on the netPi and other containers tried to read/write data from/to it. (I know the database-sd-card-issue with 3000 w/e cycles). How can it happen, that the nginX-Server does not respond anymore? The "act"-LED keeps flashing, though.

I've attached the syslog from right before the freeze and right after it.

Best Regards,

[SOLVED] RE: NetPi stops working (502 - Bad Gateway) - Armin@netPI - June-12th-2019

Hello Andi,

you already stated using a database on netPI could get critical caused by the limited read/write cycles. In Revision #2 (matrix code of netPI states a number in the lower right corner, this is a revision number) of netPI hardware we solved that problem that the SD card is no longer sealed and can be replaced by any other SD card of your choice. For example an SD card of type SLC with read/write 100.000w/e cycles per block which is 33 times more compared to the current preinstalled one or an SD card of bigger size of up to 128GByte for example which multiplies the endurance again to a nearly "undestroyable" value and a quality usually SSD drives are reaching. An issue we have seen with #REV1 SD cards that writing to a single file continously with small data packages smaller than 4kByte could crash the Linux system. Since you are using a database I could imagine this is the root cause of your problem. So I recommend to upgrade to revision #2 of netPI. 

RE: netPI stops working (502 - Bad Gateway) - Andi - June-12th-2019

Hey Armin,

I've got two netPi's of Revision 2 here, the new micro-sd-cars for them will arrive this week. I will be back to you, when I've tested them.


RE: netPI stops working (502 - Bad Gateway) - Andi - June-19th-2019

The new netPis of Revision 2 did not show this Problem anymore. Thanks for your help!