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RE: Database storage - MGharat - May-29th-2019


Thanks for your help.

I am able to create databse now ,. I have connected netPI to Ethernet/IP Master & reading data from master & storing into database. Below attached some screenshot of data when I click on read database, 



RE: Database storage - Armin@netPI - May-29th-2019

Best feed back for the day Madhumati. Thank you very much for your effort. I think it is a good project for others too and I should shift the thread better to the "project" folder than to "software" folder where it is located now.


RE: Storing data in a database - recommendation - MGharat - May-30th-2019

Here I get timestamp as time"2019-05-30T09:10:02.289Z"
date matches correct  ,but the time not matching with my system time & netPI 
Is something wrong here?/missing?



RE: Storing data in a database - recommendation - Armin@netPI - May-30th-2019

Yes you missed to set the timezone in the container while you started it. Seach word "timeout" in forum and you will find help.

RE: Storing data in a database - recommendation - MGharat - June-11th-2019

Hello Armin,

Regarding TimeZone , I checked on Influx DB, It mentions for NTP synchronization time which I am missing here that may be cause I am not getting correct timestamps. I will try to do NTP synchronize later & test this again.

meanwhile my customer wants further the database object data(read in node-red debug )  to be displayed over dashboard , what can be best way for this?is any suggestion?



RE: Storing data in a database - recommendation - Armin@netPI - June-11th-2019

Hello Madhumati,

Node-RED includes very good embedded dashboard in case you install the Node-RED node named "node-red-dashboard" additionally.

For a good impression how powerful it is: here is the home page link of the node https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-dashboard

After installation you have about 16 additional nodes to create a perfect local visualization on netPI in Node-RED.

RE: Storing data in a database - recommendation - Armin@netPI - June-11th-2019

There are many Youtube videos such as this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8ustpkAJ-U explaining the usage of the dashboard.

RE: [SOLVED] Storing data on a (remote) database - MGharat - October-17th-2019

Hello Armin,

As of above i was able to see data into Node-RED when I click upon 'Read Database ', 
Now further in order to see the data into the remote database server , what should be the procedure?
how we can link the data from node-RED to remote InFlux DB database? any guidance?

Thanks in advance.

RE: [SOLVED] Storing data on a (remote) database - Armin@netPI - October-17th-2019

Hello Madhumati,

your InfluxDB remote database server will have an IP address for sure, right?

So first of all your Node-RED device needs to be physically networked to this InfluxDB database server over an IP network.

And finally you have to configure your InfluxDB read/write node with double click under "server/host" settings with the corresponding IP address of your InfluxDB server at standard port 8086. Furthermore you gave your database a name for sure when you installed it. So you have to enter the database name in the node settings as well. And also your database server will have an admin user and password. These credentials you have to enter as well into the node setting.

After you set everthing right, any read/write access will be addressed to the Influxdb remote database server. This is the easiest setup I have ever seen to be honest.