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[INFO] Hard shutdowns - MGharat - April-9th-2019

Does netPI is designed for hard shutdowns?
Customer wants to confirm this before performing the uncleaned shutdown test ?



RE: hard shutdowns - Armin@netPI - April-9th-2019

netPI runs a standard Linux OS. Whenever you power down netPI while Linux writes a file to the SD card media the same time this will lead to incomplete write accesses and hence to file system errors by very nature of the hardware.

If this netPI is powered again the Linux OS will check for file system error and tries to correct it and moves files detected as inconsistent into the "Lost+Found" folder. It is like your Windows system is doing it after you shutdown your PC unintentionally and it starts to check for file system error and tries to repair them.

But in general netPI does not support a hard shutdown with safe recovery after reboot.

RE: hard shutdowns - Armin@netPI - April-10th-2019

There is one thing in addition. A customer has always the choice to buy a netPI without SD card and software. Then he is able to use his own software and also an OS with a file system that is safe against hard shutdowns and data loss.

RE: [INFO] Hard shutdowns - Armin@netPI - April-26th-2019

In addition I want to highlight an offer from company Reliance in the US.

They offer a transactional fail-safe file system supporting also Linux. So any customer can buy this file system and combine it with his Linux. But there will be no support from Hilscher in doing so and customer has to do the integration 100% by by himself. If he then adds Docker to his Linux then he has basically a netPI equivalent system.

For more information read on here https://www.datalight.com/products/embedded-file-systems/reliance-nitro/