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netPI & Edge Gateway differences - MGharat - March-13th-2019

Hello Armin,

Is there any major differnce between netPI & netIOT connect. I can see the processor is also same BCM2837, memory & all features same.

Now Docker is also avialble on Connect 

Just I can see that Node-RED is preinstalled in Connect & Node-red is on Container pltform wth nePI.

Any other differnce , we can tell to customer?


RE: netpi & connect - Armin@netPI - March-13th-2019

Hello Madhumati,

netPI is a Docker Host only and basically "empty" when it is delivered and embeds no ready-to-use application by default.

Hilscher Edge Gateway whereas have all ready-to-use functions like pre-installed Node-RED, Edge Server for PROFINET Diagnostics, Connectors to systems like SAP and a system backup functionality. The Edge Gateway functions scale over 3 different types of hardwares available with different CPU horse power. If one device is not sufficient, then customer can decide to use the next higher valued device. The most powerful Edge Gateway Device for example supports also on-board IBM informix data base for data storage.

Also different is that netPI support goes across the forum only. The Edge Gateway devices are supported via Hilscher standard support channel. There are also different division responsible for netPI and Edge Gateways.


netPI support goes across netPI forum only. There is no other support available. Also Hilscher standard support forwards anybodies request to the forum.

The Edge Gateway "Connect" is on of three Edge Gateway

RE: netPI & Edge Gateway differences - MGharat - March-13th-2019

actually i was asking about application wise & functionality wise difference between netPI & connect...,,..
I think it is same --

RE: netPI & Edge Gateway differences - Armin@netPI - March-13th-2019

Well if you reduce your demand on Docker function only then netPI and Edge Gateway "connect" are 100% identical. They are 100% the same hardware by the way, but preloaded with different software during manufacturing.

RE: netPI & Edge Gateway differences - MGharat - May-10th-2019

Does netPI support data analytics throuh REST API ? like collection of data from field & transmitting of only required data over cloud?



RE: netPI & Edge Gateway differences - Armin@netPI - May-10th-2019

Hello Madhumati,

no, netPI supports Docker only, no additional embedded Hilscher software like the "Edge Server" you are talking about. netPI is only able to pull and run containerized applications. "Edge server" is not available as container.