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System software V1.1.5.0 out now! - Armin@netPI - January-30th-2019

In the today's netPI system software release V1.1.5.0 we realized the following change:
  • Possibility to shift away netPI's occupied HTTP/S ports 80 and 443 to any other port. This allows containers to take over those ports for own web applications listening on port 80/443.
By default netPI includes a port forwarding from port HTTP 80 to port HTTPS 443 to ensure any connection goes across a secure connection. For example if you enter netPI's plain IP address in your browser like you will be forwared to (:443) automatically. Now, if you change the default port HTTP 80 to any other port in version the port forwarding is getting deactivated. In this case the only valid address to access/reach your netPI is entering the HTTPS + IP ADDRESS + PORT  e.g. https://<NETPI IP ADDRESS>:<YOUR PORT>. Neither addresses like <NETPI IP ADDRESS> nor a https://<NETPI IP ADDRESS> will work.