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[INFO] Raspberry Pi Desktop under Windows - Armin@netPI - January-24th-2019

Today I came across an offering from the web site Raspbian.org to download an .iso image of the latest Raspbian Desktop to run it under Windows or MAC.

Let's see what my experience was with it.

I ...

  1. ... downloaded the *.iso image from here
  2. ... installed a version of VirtualBox (was using Version 6.0.2)
  3. ... started VirtualBox
  4. ... clicked "New", to create a VB.
  5. ... gave it a reasonable Name like "Raspberry Pi", choosing "Linux" as Type and  "Debian (32Bit)" as Version
  6. ... clicked "Storage" within my VB, clicking the plus sign of the Controller: IDE and choose the downloaded *.iso
  7. ... clicked "Start" and afte some seconds the Debian GNU/Linux installer boot menu will appear in the VB window
  8. ... moveed with the keyboard to the Install option and choose it
  9. ... went through the installation steps
... and there it was... my personal Raspbian Desktop running under Windows


It should be mentioned here, that not all programs, especially Docker succeed to get installed on this platform.