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[INFO] The New DockerHub - Armin@netPI - January-10th-2019

End of year 2018 the DockerHub community announced a refresh of the DockerHub web site. It was introduced as the "New DockerHub". For further details read on this Blog ...

...and indeed a few of you may have already recognized the DockerHub web site presenting itself in a new look. If not yet get your personal impression due to a quick visit of netPI's DockerHub registry..

Next to the changes on the frontend GUI the "New DockerHub" has improved also some backend functions such as the automated build process of Docker images based on GitHub or BitBucket projects which is a function that we were using since the beginning building the netPI example Docker images.

But now we have realized that since the roll out of the "New DockerHub" all existing netPI repositories are no more working in automated build mode. We are investigating this problem right now. The good thing is that all built and existing netPI image tags can be pulled from the repos still.


I am happy to tell you that netPI Docker Hub registry operates again as it should. We turned all Classic Builds back into Automated Builds again.