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[UPDATE] November (Now Dec.) Software release coming - Armin@netPI - October-17th-2018

Here are some informations about the planned software release coming in november:

  • [2018-17-11] Updated Linux kernel from 4.9.x to 4.14.x. The original Raspberry Linux OS uses the same kernel version now and we want to keep pace with the latest up to date sources
  • [2018-17-11] Include portainer 1.19.x instead of 1.12.14. How it will look like can be tried here already.
  • [2018-17-11] User and role management of netPI's web interface now fully independent of portainer's own user and role management. This allows a better separation between administrator users responsible for the basic hardware and the common docker/portainer users
  • [2018-17-11] Possibility to shift away netPI's occupied HTTP/S ports 80 and 443 to any other port. This allows containers to take over those ports for own web applications listening on port 80/443.
  • [2018-18-11] Removing Linux RT-Patch from Linux 4.14.x due to this problem
  • [2018-18-11] Setting the system time setting to NTP by default with NTP servers 0,1,2,3.pool.ntp.org preconfigured. This makes initial commission much easier, cause if connectivity to the NTP servers is possible, then netPI's system time gets synchronous to Docker Hub's system time and certificates are no longer deemed to be expired preventing loading images.

... all information is supplied without guarantee. But what I have seen so far is very promising.

[UPDATE]: The release is shifted to december unfortunately.