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Answer - hilscherforum_admin - September-18th-2019

Hi there,

yes this is correct. Since netPI - from the initial idea - is just a Docker host platform ready to deploy images/containers from a remote registry resource the image/container original should never be stored on netPI itself.

So even if the conainer are destroyed due to a software update - as you mention - the original containers are available on the registry still and can be pulled to netPI after the update.


Answer - Armin@netPI - July-10th-2018

This software update brings you:

- allow special characters in Wifi client passwords
- new dialog "Public Key Infrastructure" allowing upload of trusted CA certificates
- new dialog "Syslog" allowing download of system log files

Answer - rehaas - August-14th-2018

Hello Armin,
is it correct that the system update deletes all existing container's and other contents on the netpi?

Answer - rehaas - August-16th-2018

Hi Armin,
thx for Information.
So what about data stored persistently on mounted container volumes (e.g. databases).
Are these data deleted also when updating netPI?