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Custom NPIX modules - Armin@netPI - February-9th-2018

NPIX modules tailored to your requirements - in which your ideas can add to the basic functions of netPI - is a service we offer.

What you need are three things:
  •    A PCBA
  •    A metal bracket
  •    Two screws

There are two options how to come to an own NPIX module:
  •    You share your idea with us. We make the design and take care of the whole production on a bid basis.
  •    You take care of the design. You deal with the metal bracket manufacturer. You do the production yourself.

For your reference you find the NPIX connector pinout document here and the board outline dcoument here. Also you find the user manual of the Hilscher designed NPIX modules in the "downloads" section here as well as a 3D model of the metal bracket within the provided netPI 3D CAD model.

Next to certain 3,3V, 5V, 24V and GND signals the remaining 36 pins of the NPIX connector are wired to the Broadcom CPU BCM2837 (Raspberry Pi chip) or the netX Industrial Network Controller (on netPI RTE 3 only). Roughly one half of the pins connects to the BCM CPU, the other to netX. With those connecting to BCM we set the focus on specific signals only. Connected are a UART, an I2C, an SPI and some GPIOs. Keep in mind that the BCM SPI0 signals are not available since they are used for communications between the BCM CPU and netX CPU.

Tell us about your project and we will come together to a solution. Mail your idea/concept to netpi@hilscher.com