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netPI as simulator for PROFINET "shared devices" - reiboh - January-15th-2018

Kann der netPI so verwendet werden, daß er eine Hersteller ID für Profinet erzeugt um z.B. einen Antrieb zu simulieren?

Answer - Armin@netPI - January-15th-2018

As you know netPI includes the netX51 industrial network controller. This chip is used by many many profinet device manufacturers for creating their own profinet devices including their own vendor IDs of course.

We provide a simple example in source code how to get netX chip operating as PROFINET slave next to EtherCAT or EtherNetIP. The source code of interest is located here. There you can easily change from Hilscher vendor ID 0x11E to any value you want and recompile it. Don't forget to adjust the GSDML file provided also.
For digging into details you have to read the PROFINET API programming manual located in the same github repository. It is 390 pages big and it might get complicated if you want to implement everything from scratch. This is why we recommend to reuse the programming examples instead for a fast start. In your case I see no problem in simulating any drive with netPI.