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Answer - zulliger@software-natives.ch - February-7th-2018

One of the first things you need to do, once a virgin NetPI3 got unboxed, is to setup NTP, according to the "netPI - Getting Started with the netPI" video. Otherwise, customers run into severe issues, such as not being able to run Docker containers. The reason for the need of NTP is obvious, but I wonder why doesn't the NetPI3 either:
- Setup a generic NTP by default, or
- Offer this setup in a kind of wizard, e.g. right after changing the password?
Is this an oversight? Are there any technical issues I don't grasp? Or is it planned, but you didn't yet had time to implement it?

Answer - Armin@netPI - February-7th-2018

Well the condition is NOT to set up an NTP server in any case. The condition is that you have to set the system time at least one time. How depends on you. So setting the time manually gives you the same effect.

Correct is that the video shows you to set up an NTP server. It could show a manual setup instead as well. There was either both ways possible ... I decided to do it via NTP in the video.

It has been recognized in our internal ticket system already that we need to improve the time setup. Today I can't tell you the exact timing when we will implement it. But it will