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Answer - PBulach - April-27th-2018


as we need to setup some more netPi the question came up if there is a possibility of creating a script which will be automatically executed to setup the netPi.
(e.g. Load the Docker, setup the security, setup the network and so on..)

Best Regards
Patrick Bulach

Answer - Armin@netPI - April-27th-2018

Hello Partick,

there is no automated mechanism or an API established in netPI that allows to roll out an automatic setup procedure with it.

But since netPI has a Web-GUI all needed commands can be called from any web browser automated or your personal http(s) supporting device that calls the needed http(s) requests from remote one after the other.

For a simple test install CBA tool into Google Chrome browser which is a web browser action recording tool. You can record all actions needed and then replay them later. Here is the tool that integrates into Chrome is 1 minute: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chromium-browser-automati/jmbmjnojfkcohdpkpjmeeijckfbebbon?hl=en

The more complex way is to write your own http(s) client application that is sending the relevant commands to the netPI. For that purpose you can review with Chromium or Firefox the http-requests and copy them into your application and call them all from remote. This will work too.