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Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - July-30th-2018


for a few days, I'm not able to access the website of the NetPi. The only output is: "502 Bad Gateway".
Is there an option for remote access?
The two container are still running.

Thanks in advance,


Answer - Armin@netPI - July-30th-2018

Hi Jonas,

do you mean "for a few says" ... means a time period of multiple days? Or do you mean "a few days ago" ... means it happened once some days ago?

Does this error "502 Bad Gateway" come directly when you visit netPI's landing page? Or if you click for example to the Docker tile? What is happening if you repower the device? Does it recover?

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - July-30th-2018

Hi Armin,

I mean "for a few days". It comes up directly, when I visit netPI's landing page.
Yeah, thats the problem. The device is at one of our customers, so we have no access to the hardware directly.

Answer - Armin@netPI - July-30th-2018

Can you tell us how long the netPI was up and running fine before it starts indicating this error?

You said you are running two containers at a time. Do these containers output data on the console usually if you would run them on a Raspberry PI. Since on netPI under Docker there is no console output you can watch, with netPI firmware lower than Docker stores all console logs into a log file that is growing and growing and can exceed the SD card memory size and then netPI gets instable. With the log file is limted to 1Mbyte cyclic buffer only.

Can you please try to access to page https://<ip address netpi>/login. Maybe this page works.

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - July-30th-2018

The netPI was up and running for a month.
Yes, one of the containers creates outputs to the console.

When I try to access https://<ip address netpi>/login there also comes up the error "502 Bad Gateway".

Answer - Armin@netPI - July-30th-2018

Well the question is now how many output data the container writes in a certain time period ... respectively to the automatically generated logging file.

Back to your question if netPI can be reset from remote ... the only method to reset the device is accross the web interface ... which is not working any more with your netPI. So the only chance I see is to repower the device. I will ask the development team if they have an idea. I will be back to you.

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - July-30th-2018

Thats about one "output line" per second.

Ok, then I hope there will be an option.

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - July-31st-2018


next week we have the chance to get direct access to the hardware. Can you tell me what we have to do to fix the problem? Is it enough, to simply restart the netPI or have we to delete the logfile with the outputs?

Answer - Armin@netPI - July-31st-2018

So I got a reply from our development team. There is no other solution than to reset the device physically.

I asked the support team as well if anybody has ever recognized that a netPI failed in that way and the answer was no, except uncertain behaviour in case the SD card is "full".

In order to prevent the large log file you have to update netPI with firmware V1.1.3.0RC3. The deploy your containers and everything should work fine. The log file can't get longer than 1 MByte then.

One common word to frequently high written data to the SD card. The SD card is an AND Flash with a defined number of erase/write cycles. I know writing to a log file is not high amount of data per day ... but in another topic in this forum I calculated the maximum amount of data per day to support 10 years lifetime. So if I were you, I would recompile the container that is doing console outputs like is it doing it today and stop it.

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - July-31st-2018

Ok, then we will reset the device physically and try to reduce our console outputs in the future.

Thank you for your help.