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Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - June-26th-2018


is there an option to secure the first page (when you type in the ip address of the net pi) with a password?

Best regards,

Answer - Armin@netPI - June-26th-2018

Hello Jonas,

once you type in the ip address of netPI in a fresh browser session, netPI will always ask you for a login and you have to enter your login credentials. So I am sorry that I do not understand your question. My answer is, yes netPI is asking you always for a password and user name.

It might be that I haven't understood the question right?

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - June-26th-2018

Hello Armin,

when I type in the ip address of netPI, there directly comes up the website like in the screenshot (NetPi.PNG).
For this I haven't to type in any password.

Answer - Armin@netPI - June-26th-2018

Now I got your point. You mean the picture with the tiles you can click on that lead you to docker, to Edge Gateway Manager and help pages.

I am sorry to say that those pages can't be deactivated or protected. But let me ask you about the use case. Why is it necessary in your opinion to protect this page against unauthorized access? Or do you just want to hide the page that nobody can see it?

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - June-26th-2018

We want to access the netPi threw the internet and want to hide this page to limit possible hacking attacks.

Answer - Armin@netPI - June-26th-2018

Understood. We have a request from others to give users the possibility to change the default occupied ports 80 and 443 to any other free port. For example port 80 to port 40000. Would that help your case ?

Answer - Jonas.Sellmann@outlook.de - June-28th-2018

Yes, that would be an option.