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Secomea Remote Acccess - ballesj - May-15th-2018

Hello !

We at RUF are looking into Secomea (https://www.secomea.com/) for secure remote access into our systems.
Secomea software supports 3rd party linux devices and runs on a standard Pi like a charm.

My idea is to use the netPi Core 3 as professional hardware and run Secomea as well as a 3G, 4G connection.

Is there any experience with this ?

Answer - Armin@netPI - May-15th-2018


this is the first time I heard of Secomea to be honest.

You said it works on a standard pi with charm. Before customers buy a netPI we always tell them to try their application in mind in a containerized version on a Rpi3 (at nearly no cost) first to check if everything works in a container also.

So try Secomea with your own developed container and later deploy the container on a netPI.

To the quesstion 3G,4G. Did I understand it right that you want to use an external USB stick to provide this function since netPI does not have a 3G/4G connectivity?