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Answer - mauroriva - June-19th-2018

I have a netPI RTE3 and the following question: Is it possible that the EtherCAT slave (net51) remains in OP without running an application in the Docker?
I want to configure the net51 with a slave description once, and it should be able to enter OP mode, without any application running in Docker. I am using the example application provided here: "netPI-netx-programming-examples" and as soon as I stop the "ECS_simpleConfig" application, the net51 goes in Safe-Op / Error mode.
Using the netHAT, that is possible, and the slave remains in OP. I know that the slave description by the RTE3 is changeable (that is not the case with the netHAT), but if I don't change its description, the slave should remain in OP. Is that possible?

Answer - Armin@netPI - June-20th-2018

This can easily be answered with yes it can.

Whenever you press a key on your keyboard while the demo is running the source code will call Protocol_SendLastPacket() afterwards. In this packet a deregistration of the application is executed using the command RCX_UNREGISTER_APP_REQ which brings back the state machine of the netX51 to safe-op mode.

If you remove this line and the following waiting for the packet response netX51 will continue to run, once initialized.