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Answer - richielfc - August-8th-2018


I am using the netHAT on a Profinet network, that i have a Siemens GU120 VSD and a PLC. I have executed the example from the zip file and it all works fine the raspberry pi is displaying the 32 read 32 write. I now want to analyse this data in labview by connecting my laptop (running Labview Linx) to the raspberry pi.

my question is, is there a way of broadcasting the nethat data to the Ethernet port of the raspberry pi? if so could you provide an example of the code required i have limited knowledge of C++ code, many thanks

Answer - Simon@netHAT - August-10th-2018


There are several ways to broadcast the netHAT data to the PI's Ethernet port.
Unfortunately, we do not have any example code for your use case since it has to be developed on Raspberry PI side with Linux.