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using of a USB memory stick inside a container for share
Hi, after changing to the new Firmware 1.1 the device /dev/sda1 is not availaible in a privileged container (for security reasons). I need access to the device for a samba share inside the container. Can someone point me in the right direction? (Of course inside the container Isusb shows me the device, but how can I mount this?)
Hi Michael,

yes you are right. We changed this behaviour in system software

But in the coming system software (promised to be ready in one week) we have soften this restiction. The privileged mode will not longer map ALL devices still, but you can map discrete devices like /dev/sda1 manually again which was possible in

When ready we will be updating the system software in the download section.
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Many thanks Armin, this sounds really good! Have a nice weekend!

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