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Using netHAT drivers with custom linux (not Raspbian)
Hello, I was redirected to this forum by Henry Kurz (techsales@hilscher.com) after contacting info@hilscher.com with the following question:

I have a netHAT 52-RTE 7775.000 on my table and a Raspberry PI 3 B+.
Raspberry PI 3 B+ is ARM64 (aarch64).
But your drivers offered in netHAT_DVD_2016-08-1_V1_0_0_1.zip are 32 Bit ARM only.

We plan not to use original Raspbian for our project, because of the overloaded complexity of systemd init system.
We currently develop using Devuan 'devuan_ascii_2.0.0_arm64_raspi3.img.xz' which has a managable (much less complex) standard init system.
We were not aware of your netHAT 52-RTE module strictly depends on Raspbian operating system.

Can you help us out with drivers, firmware and demo for aarch64 (ARM64)? Best would be the source code of the drivers.

Some Debug output is attached.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Attached Files
.txt   debug.txt (Size: 2.75 KB / Downloads: 3)
Hello Frank,

The driver for netHAT is currently limited to 32-bit support.
In general, we do not offer a driver package free of charge(in source code).
Nevertheless, I would ask for your patience until end of this month.
Then, l I will receive a feedback from our development regarding the 64-bit mode driver.

Best regards,

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