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Using Powerlink firmware with netHAT and config nxd

Even though Powerlink is not officially supported by netHAT, I've found that the netShield which uses the same chip has a Powerlink firmware.
I uploaded the Powerlink nxf and xdd files to my channel0 repository but because it's for the netShield I have the config nxd file missing.
The demo and sample detects the Powerlink firmware but my MN from openPowerlink won't recognize it in the network.

I was curious if this issue could be related to the missing config nxd. From what I understand, it's the configuration of the board, and each firmware seems to have a different config nxd so I guess it's also has relation with the protocol being used. Is it an absolutely necessary file ? What are the possible consequences of not using it ? If so could I generate one for Powerlink firmware ?

Thank you,

any netX based device manufactured by Hilscher gets a unqiue manufacturing code during production time. When powered the boot loader of netX checks if this internal code matches to the code found in the firmware. If this code does not match the firmware will not be enabled to run by the boot loader. This is the reason why a firmware made for netSHIELD does not work on netHAT. This is not an config.nxd issue.

You are not able to build a Powerlink Firmware for netHAT yourself. When it came to netHAT 5 years ago we decided to make netX available to students also worldwide. We decided to develop netHAT. At this time we saw three most relevant areas in the world. They were US, Europe and Asia. And for all three areas we built firmwares: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT. POWERLINK was not popular enough to develop it for netHAT.

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