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Software update without factory defaults

i want to upgrade my netpi RTE3 without making a recovery.
I will always loose everything when i want to make an update.

I want to use the new features of the new versions. Is there a possibility to update the netpi whout loosing the configuration?
It would also be great if it was possible to update the netpi via the Web-GUI. Because we want to use a lot of netPIs in the future and it is not very pracicable when i have to update every netPI via USB and also lost the configuration of it.

Dear Hannes,

the demand for upgrading just the software parts that have been changed between versions instead of deleting the whole image and overwriting it with a new one while loosing the whole configuration is a demand I have since the first days.

The answer to your question from Hilscher's view and hence the support view is easy ... overwriting the image ensures 100% origin software and reconstructable behaviour between customer setup and Hilscher setup in the office in case of a support request. With an upgrade we can never ensure that old software parts remain on the system still and could influence the devices' behaviour and could generate.

Also I have to admit that offering an upgrade image needs a stable software basis and common structure ready made for upgrading. Else you have an effect as stated in the section before. As of today we did not reach this stable condition yet. The plan is to have the final netPI software basis ready in april 2019 as version 1.2.x.x. From this time on we are planning to offer upgrade software images only. For the current software version 1.1.x.x we don't have the upgrade possibility.

If you say you have to reconfigure everything in netPI after the update. Do you mean the Docker containers also? Cause usually the original containers are hosted on a Docker repository from where you pull them.

We offer the REST API for netPI's web GUI and also REST API of netPI's Docker Management ... you could easily control all your manual settings from a remote machine over this interfaces for all fresh netPI devices. How about this proposal?

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Hello Armin,

thanks for the answer. For me the config via restapi is only a workaround. 
The other thing is that i need to have phiysical access to the device to update it via USB. Is it also possible via remote?

Hello Hannes,

You need an USB stick and physical access to update the netPI via USB.

Yours sincerely

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