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Setup trusted Docker registry on a Raspberry Pi to host netPI containers
We currently using version, Portainer 1.19.2

Maybe i have to give you more detailled information

The registry is available at the address docker01.our_domain.local
I can ping docker01 or docker.our_domain.local from a container that is connected to the host network of the NetPi

I setup the custom registry in portainer with

name: docker01
url: docker01.our_domain.local (also tried docker01, https://docker01.....)
username: reg_user
password: regpassword

The result is always the same.

I also tried to do it with the REST API:

curl --insecure -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJ...." -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"username":"user","password":"password","serveraddress":"https://docker01.our_domain.local"}' -X POST https://esta-netpi-01/portainer/api/endpoints/1/docker/auth

{"message":"Get https://docker01.our_domain.local/v2/: dial tcp: lookup atrdocker01.our_domain.local: no such host"}

When i use the ip address the result is of course:

{"message":"Get https://x.x.10.21/v2/: x509: cannot validate certificate for x.x.10.21 because it doesn't contain any IP SANs"}

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RE: Setup trusted Docker registry on a Raspberry Pi to host netPI containers - by rehaas - January-31st-2019, 02:02 PM

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