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[SOLVED] WebConfig netpi-nodered-fieldbus
Thanks allot for the very detailed information!

I'm glad i had the same intentions as a expert. My plan was also to get a new container, add port 22 (or what ever..), install ssh and get via ssh on the device, because the webconsole and I will never be friends.

But... i had to research all the right configurations for the SSH (i guess i would have copied the config from other hilscher images with ssh). But with all of your information i don't need to do so.

I just try a few times and look if it will work. I'm finishing my diploma within the next 3 days, all the other stuff is working, i had some other problems which had thrown me back for weeks, that's why i'm this late with working on my IoT connection. If it's work now, it's fine, but if not, i better spend time to explain why than try to fix something without knowing if it will work. But after the diploma, i will bring it to work for sure. All i want to say: don't treat it as ultra urgent for me. My goal for the diploma was a solution or knowing WHY it's not working and have a confirmation, that this problem is not caused by wrong config by myself. So for the next 3 days, i've got everything i need.

Thanks for your amazing respond time and very high-quality informations!

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