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[SOLVED] Keep getting a message that session expired in Docker
In the latest fw version there is a recurring issue that the session has expired.  I have stopped and restarted the Docker Service.  I have also tried setting the service to autostart and rebooting with no success. Please help.
This is not a problem of this image Version.
Your current system time is invalid, a valid time must be set. 

Please check this thread (10 days old) with keyword "session" highlighted

Using the same search term on the forum might have led you to exactly the same link. Please support us with spending time looking through posts before posting.
In a coming release of netPI software (April) we will be setting a default NTP server in order to let netPI call for the current time and date right at the beginning automatically

Then there is no longer a problem between netPIs system time and Web Browser time and session expiration. Of course access to the NTP server is needed which we feel is the case in about 90% of all cases.

Please be aware of that netPIs RTC is internally backuped by a capacitor that last for 7 days only without power.
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


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