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[SOLVED] Azure IotEdge on netPI
We want to use the netPI as an IotEdge device (and replace the standard pi).
Since the netPI does not offer access to the linux console the Installation HowTo provided by Microsoft cannot be used.
How can the IotEdgeSecurityDeamon  be installed on the netPI ?
Once the IotEdgeSecurityDeamon is installed, a config file (/etc/iotedge/config.yaml) needs to be edited.  How do we gain access to that file?

A quick reply would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Dear Rene,

1. installing the MS Azure IoT Edge requires full access to the Host's Linux and to install it natively in an OCI-compatible container runtime.

2. Of course netPI comes with Docker preinstalled which is of course OCI compatible, but our version of Docker is a modified version where containers - like the MS one - cannot access the Host Docker "daemond" service within a container to get control of it. This is a decision we made when we started the netPI project 2 years ago and this restriction will not be changed in close or far future.

3. And you have stated also there is no access over an ssh connection to netPI's Host Linux either ... so there is no possibility to remove this restriction or to postinstall the MS packages ... especially if you consider that netPI's Linux is a secured one that does not allow to use apt-get/dpkg commands without using Hilscher cross signed dpkg installation packages.

4. Last thing to be mentioned at this point is that the SD card used on netPI is sealed. So you have no physical access to the SD card binaries either or the possibility to replace the SD card.

But there is an alterative and maybe that is the solution for you: you need a different type of netPI that comes with no SD card/ or non sealed SD cardl. Then it is possible to install your own software on this netPI. Even better: you can remove the Raspberry Pi3 card from your Pi and use it directly in this netPI

Is that a solution?
You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Dear Armin,

are you telling me that there is no way to use the netPi CORE we've just bought as an azure IotEdge device ?
I was just thinking about installing the hilschernetpi/netpi-raspbian docker container and then perform the installation of IotEdge the way I did on the standard Pi by connecting to raspbian via ssh. Will that not be working because of the restrictions mentioned by you?
If we can't get IotEdge to work, the netPi is quite useless for us.

Being able to just put our SD-Card from the standard Pi to a netPI would be great. How could we get such a netPI?

Kind regards,
Well Rene,

we found a Hilscher way to make a device like our industrial Raspberry Pi secure with the infrastructure chosen as defined 2 years ago with using a Yocto Secure Linux, restricted Docker, sealed SD card etc. and MS found their way ... in both cases you need access to the Host OS.

However the highest prio is always security in Hilscher or MS use case. This is why MS created their "Daemon for IoT Security" you have to install to ensure a maximum security in their view ... but you can't under "standard" netPI conditions.

So if I am using your term "useless" in a better way ... netPI is restricted in a way that does not allow to compromise its security. In turn it is impossible to install software under Host Linux. So netPI cannot be used for your kind of application you have in mind.

May I asked you where you have received the netPI CORE 3 device through. Hilscher directly, Web-Shop, Amazon.de?

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

I have to check with our purchasing department on Monday.
Hello Armin,
I just checked with the purchasing department. The netPi was purchased at Amazon.de.
Should we return it there and look for an alternative somewhere else - or do you see a chance that you could exchange it for an "open" netPI which uses the Hilscher Hardware but allows for a custom SD-Card ?
Kind regards,
Dear Rene,

as I said for this kind of application you need a special version of netPI hardware that has no SD card included and you are free to use your own.

This kind of hardware can only be requested through company Hilscher directly. It is not available on Amazon.de or Hilscher web shop.

It is usual that we sell those devices not to end users or private consumer as we do it across amazon.de but to companies who have a need for those devices in more than one piece. This is why we have defined 2 part # that can be ordered through us.

Part number 1321.439, named NIOT-E-TNPIC3EVA
It is a single piece of hardware that comes in the same nice card board box like a standard netPI CORE 3, but has no SD card included and hence no SD card is sealed.
It is made for evaluation purposes only to give customers a chance to evaluate the hardware with their software
It is slightly higher in price than standard netPI CORE 3, cause we create is on demand in single pieces, which makes manufacturing more expensive.

Part number 1321.437, named NIOT-E-NPI3-EN\NOSD
It is a OEM package of 40 pieces all placed in a big card board box with separators in between. Each piece of hardware has the same setting as the EVA version. This means no SD card included, no sealing and all the screws needed to fix the housing upper part with the lower part come in a big bag. When you placed your SD card into each unit you assemble the unit to a whole.
This package is significantly cheaper in relation to price/unit as a netPI CORE 3 on amazon or web-shop is.

I hope this helps you.

You never fail until you stop trying.“, Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Dear Armin,

thanks for your reply. The "naked" version of the netPi sounds very interesting.
Unfortunately the OEM package is too large for us.

Kind regards,

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