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Loading times for images from Docker Hub
The loading time depends on several factors.

First of all it depends on your Internet connection, then of course on the size of the image. What you must know is that images on the web are packed. Once an image is loaded to netPI Docker starts unpacking it when a container is created of it. Usually the ratio is 1:3 which means an image of a size of 200 MB will be 600 MB effectively on netPI later.
Another parameter that influences the load and start time is the number of layers the image consists of. The more layers the more time is needed to unpack layer per layer.
For an image of a size of 185MB we measured a time for loading and unpacking of about 5 minutes. The start of a container afterwards is just a thing of some milliseconds in relation to how many other containers have to be started at the same time.
After using the +Add container option in netPI's Docker management UI patiently wait as long as the tiny gearwheel turns after you pressed Start container which indicates the image is loaded and about to be started. Once an image is loaded it will not be loaded again and containers of it will be started as a normal service along with all the other netPI's system services.
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