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[INFO] 100% your software ... buy netPI without (sealed) SD card
Some applications you like to run on a netPI need far more access rights to a Host Linux than netPI's special and restricted Docker deamon and thereby a container allows today. Typical application examples are discussed in the threads https://forum.hilscher.com/thread-368.html or https://forum.hilscher.com/thread-379.html.

What we offer to customers as alternative is a netPI version coming without SD card and software at all. You in turn add your SD card containing your own software to these units and run them as you like. 100% compatibility to a Raspberry Pi 3B guarantees compliance to all software offered by the Raspberry Organisation here https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/.

The alternative parts can only be ordered through Hilscher sales. They are not available on Amazon.de or Hilscher web shop.

Option A

       Part number 1321.429, named NIOT-E-TNPIR3EVA - Evaluation version of single netPI RTE 3
       Part number 1321.439, named NIOT-E-TNPIC3EVA - Evaluation version of single netPI CORE 3

  • Each part includes a single piece of device that comes in the same card board box like a standard netPI
  • The device is preassembled and housing upper and lower part are screwed together as with standard netPI
  • The device does not included an SD card, the inner SD card slot is left empty. It needs an SD card you have to add  to run. You need to open the case.
  • There is no Hilscher software provided. Software responsibility lies with the customer.
  • The part is made for evaluation purposes only to give customers a chance to evaluate the hardware along with their own software
  • The part is slightly higher in price than a standard netPI, cause we create it on demand in single pieces making manufacturing more expensive

Option B

        Part number 1321.427, named NIOT-E-NPI3-51-EN-RE\NOSD - 40pcs. OEM package netPI RTE 3 without SD card
        Part number 1321.437, named NIOT-E-NPI3-EN\NOSD - 40pcs. OEM package netPI CORE 3 without SD card
  • Each part  is an OEM package of 40 pieces placed in a big card board box with separators in between
  • All devices are preassembled and the PCBA is embedded and screwed to the housing lower part
  • The housing upper parts come loose, but pre-mounted. Housing upper and lower part are not screwed together
  • The devices do not include an SD card, their SD card slots are left empty. SD cards have to be added to run
  • All 160 screws - 4 needed for each unit - come in a big bag. They attach the housing upper part to the lower part when screwed
  • There is no Hilscher software provided. Software responsibility lies with the customer.
  • This package is significantly cheaper in relation to price/unit as those offered on amazon or web-shop
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