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BLE pairing problems with bluez 5.50
Hello Alex,

I did a quick paring test with our bluetooth container and my iPhone X. I have not had any better device than this.

I started bluetoothctrl utility as you did but I called "pairable on" command first of all to enable pairing mode. Maybe this was missing in your setup.

[bluetooth]# pairable on
Changing pairable on succeeded
[bluetooth]# pair F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D
Attempting to pair with F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D
[CHG] Device F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D Connected: yes
Request confirmation
[agent] Confirm passkey 128855 (yes/no): yes
[CHG] Device F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D Paired: yes
Pairing successful
[CHG] Device F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D Connected: no
[CHG] Device F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D Connected: yes
[CHG] Device F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D Connected: no
[CHG] Device F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D Connected: yes
[CHG] Device F4:06:16:8D:DC:1D Connected: no

So when I called the pairing command afterwards my iPhone was asking me for the passcode 12855 (and the pairing command too as you can see in the code section) to confirm and after I did that the pairing succeeded. On the iPhone bluetooth settings dialog I saw now a device "BlueZ 5.50" beeing connected ... after a while it was disconnecting.

Since I have no real application running on my netPI talking to the iPhone over bluetooth right now the connection will to state "Connected: no" after some seconds. When I click on my iPhone to connect to device paired "BlueZ 5.50" again the state changes to "Connected: yes" for a short time and so on.

For me everything works fine right now.
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BLE pairing problems with bluez 5.50 - by abmn - August-8th-2019, 07:52 AM
RE: BLE pairing problems with bluez 5.50, "org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationCanceled" - by Armin@netPI - August-8th-2019, 08:51 AM

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