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Activating Distributed Clock - EtherCAT (Slave-side)
A word to the netX Configuration tool: the tool is an online tool and to get a device configured with it an online connection to a device  is needed always. Usually this happens across a direct serial/USB/dual-port memory connection used from windows side with a corresponding driver installed along with the tool. But as you can imagine an online connection from a windows machine where the tool is installed to a Raspberry Pi with a netHAT module attached is not available. Connections over SSH are not supported. So the tool for netHAT is a dead end since there is no direct "connection" path to the chip.

Again one word to the tool itself and the installation that fails: if you visit the section https://www.hilscher.com/de/support/downloads/ on hilscher's homepage you have several DVD images for devices that need the tool to get configured online. e.g. netIC is one of them. If you download the DVD made for it as a whole https://www.hilscher.com/fileadmin/big_d...5_8602.zip and install the tool from there it will work. The point is that the tool needs a folder "Firmware" and it is searching for it during installation. If not found it will ask for it as seen in your case. And underneath this folder it is searching for one of the subfolder names "netIC", "cifX", "netJACK","comX" where at least one firmware needs to be located in. Then it installs without a problem. The netIC DVD image contains such a folder construction ... but dont' forget what I said before the tool does not support to configure netHAT at all.

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