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Activating Distributed Clock - EtherCAT (Slave-side)
A word to the manual: it needs to be said that the "Protocol API - EtherCAT Slave V4" manual is a common manual for ECS V4 stack fitting to products supporting netX technology professionally like Hilscher products "cifX", "comX", "netIC" and "netJACK". netHAT on the other hand is a product seen more as a "playground" for netX technology. What I want to tell you is that the manual was not specifically written for the netHAT device but for all the others mentioned initially.

Nevertheless we put the manual on the DVD image since the API interface indeed is indentical between all netX51/52 chip based devices. But for netHAT  - cause we wanted to keep its usage as simple as possible - it was never intended to let customers re-configure it to another IO size or to activate distributed clock feature etc. or anything else. The idea was to deliver a module that has a fixed set of IO data length of 32 bytes input and 32 bytes output no user has to take care about the configuration. Especially if you think of the module supporting not only EtherCAT, but EtherNet/IP and PROFINET etc. as well.

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