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Activating Distributed Clock - EtherCAT (Slave-side)
Thanks for your quick response.

In the "Protocol API - EtherCAT Slave V4" which is included with the software CD of the NetHat, it is written on page 43, that the EtherCat Slave stack can be configured by using the NetX Configuration Tool.

I tried it several times with different Pc, but always got the same error message (see above).
Also the previous unpacking of the *.deb file and navigating to the actual firmware directory (...\opt\cifx\deviceconfig\FW\channel0\) did not lead to success.

What's the catch? Does the Configuration Tool not support the NetHat device?
Or did I miss a bug?

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RE: Activating Distributed Clock - EtherCAT (Slave-side) - by JAAAW - August-8th-2019, 09:28 PM

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